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Hiya! I'm liz, and I'm here to talk about money.

...That's right. I want to talk about the thing your parents told you to never bring up in public. The thing that makes your heart flutter in the seconds after you swipe your debit card. The thing that you might have covered last - or not at all - in conversations with your significant other. The thing that you're just one weekly $4 latte away from having a ton of (did I mention I'm fluent in sarcasm?). 

But first, let's talk about why. ➾


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Work with me 

Current status: enrolled in several coaching programs, reading all the personal finance books at the library, and scoping out all the freshest money content on the interwebs.
Coming in 2019: Financial coaching led by yours truly designed to help you get clear on your values, rebuild the relationship with your budget, and get rid of money shame for good.