Hiya! I'm liz, and I'm here to talk about money.

...That's right. I want to talk about the thing your parents told you to never bring up in public. The thing that makes your heart flutter in the seconds after you swipe your debit card. The thing that you might have covered last - or not at all - in conversations with your significant other. The thing that you're just one weekly $4 latte away from having a ton of (did I mention I'm fluent in sarcasm?). 

But first, let's talk about why. 

Growing up, my devotion to living in a black-and-white world kickstarted decades of an unhealthy, unloving relationship with my body. Since I didn't meet society's unrealistic beauty standards for women, then I must have been disgusting, and the only cure was to eat restrictively and exercise obsessively until I was thin enough to be worthy of love, friendship, and respect. I would lose weight, gain it back, lose some more, and gain more back, refusing to give myself permission to truly live life until I met and maintained the perfect weight. You know, when I actually was deserving of happiness.

You can probably guess where else this pattern popped up. Money in, money out was just as familiar to me as calories in, calories out. With a career in personal finance, I knew all the "right" answers when it came to money management, but all  that my unrealistic budgets and shameful narratives around finance were getting me was more credit card debt, less savings, and stagnant student loan balances. 

Eventually, through lots of coaching, introspection, and deep conversations with those closest to me, it finally clicked:

No matter how hard I tried, bullying myself into different behaviors and going it alone just wasn't working for me. It never had, and it never would.

The personal finance industry has made a fortune convincing us that we're bad with money, we don't have any willpower, and we're too stupid to understand the intricacies of building wealth. But the truth is, all the willpower and smarts in the world aren't enough to take down the money stories we created that shaped our financial mindset. 

In my mind, I didn't deserve to have money since I wasn't perfect at managing it, which led me to self-sabotage in order to manifest that reality. Your relationship with money may be similar or different. What's important is that we find our financial identity and make it part of the holistic wellness conversation. It's hard to best show up for ourselves and others when we're losing sleep over our checking account balance, amiright?

I dream of a world where we ditch the stereotype that conversations about money (including our relationship with it) should stay secret. Where we can bring the beautiful, feminine qualities of compassion, empathy, and flow to what is traditionally the rigid and restrictive world of personal finance. Where values and mindfulness guide our financial choices and set us up for the future we deserve.  I believe we can all have that and more - let's discover it on this journey together!